Our insurance offerings at BK-JET are meant to provide our clients a better quality of life. We make sure you feel taken care of and have the coverage you need.

BK-JET delivers our clients superior attention, service, and advice, to help you manage your business and your life.

We are proud to offer our clients the following types of insurance:

  • Business Insurance

  • Surety and bonds

  • Personal Insurance for VIP clients and their families

  • Life Insurance

We focus our attention on developing risk management programs for our clients, and then we negotiate the best possible coverage and cost in the marketplace. We are one of the largest independent brokers in the region, and we have a depth of knowledge to meet the needs of our clients.


Our process is designed to keep you and your needs at the forefront of the conversation. The conversation flows from your needs and goals, and how we can help you achieve them.

Risk Assessment
We perform a risk assessment with all of our clients to help you select the right insurance policies for your needs. The Risk Assessment is a conversation about:

  • Your areas of exposure;

  • Your appetite for risk;

  • Your current methods to mitigate loss; and

  • Your financial status and current projections.

Program Assessment

From there, we will go through a program assessment and will review and discuss your current policy language and program structure.

Risk Analysis and Evaluation

During the risk analysis and evaluation process, we’ll evaluate your risks versus rewards, compare your situation against your goals and industry standards. Then, we’ll set risk priorities and identify options that will suit your needs.

Program Development

After we’ve done a thorough review and analysis, we’ll put together your program. We will develop program specifications, identifying gaps or overlays, as well as alternative program structures. A policy will be drafted to approach the marketplace and obtain quotations. Once we know your options from the various insurance providers we broker with, we’ll present our results to you.

Program Implementation and Management

The final step in our process is to issue your binders and policies, manage any change endorsements, and issue or manage certificates needed. We will also implement a strategy for ongoing communication, so you know current marketing and industry updates.

Feature SET:

What sets us apart?

  • Risk management approach

  • Customer service focus

  • Experienced staff

  • Nimble & local decision making

  • Access to a large number of insurance and bonding companies

  • Commitment to community support

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